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thehallway: (Default)
Wednesday, August 19th, 2009 09:17 am
so i'm sitting here reading the proposed changes to our contract; no raise, that gets reopened next year when they'll tell us again there's no money, which is true, but no cut in health care, which gets reopened at the end of year two.

and i'm again reminded of just how grateful i am to have kept my job through the great recession and the continuing jobless recovery. which no one seems to be paying much attention to in and amongst all the noise of the great health care debate.

it's all so damn depressing and draining, the hate from the fringe; whether it's that stupid ugly bitch yelling 'heil hitler' to the israeli talking about their national healthcare program, or the idiots screaming hate and fear at town hall meetings, or the continuing epic fail of people at all levels; men and women buying into the defense of patriarchal, patronizing, misogynistic arguments over everything from mark and jenny sanford to stargate universe.

you'd think we've come so far and yet the slightest stress makes some of us forget that certain things are not ok on a very basic human level. it's all so self-defeating.