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thehallway: (Default)
Sunday, May 17th, 2009 06:30 pm
Title: Ships in the Night
Author: sarahjane/[personal profile] thehallway
Rating: PG-13
Setting TF
Spoilers: I couldn’t find a single one.
Author’s Notes: This is for Susan and Susan’s mom and Catherine Bruce, all of whom could use a little relief from the tidal wave of RL, and for Eva and her mom, just because. Also, a huge shout out to Eva for the beta and for our shared love of the subject matter. And much love to my reviewers, kaz and CB and Susan for their encouragement and enthusiasm.

As always, all mistakes remain mine.

Disclaimer: Definitely not mine. They belong to Henson, Carter, Fox, Anderson, and Black. No copyright infringement intended. There is definitely no money being made. There is definitely no money being made.

Ships in the Night )
thehallway: (Default)
Wednesday, April 29th, 2009 08:33 pm
this week has been long and brutal. and shows no signs of letting up.

the board has decided to close four buildings and pink slip teachers and various and sundry support staff. kids are losing it at the end of a long, long year. two hour meeting after school today. parent-teacher conferences tomorrow night.

i haven't been able to write a thing not school related in forever. i haven't read anything not school related in about that long. and while i thought i hadn't decided whether or not to post any of my fic here, while i was trolling through my stuff between bouts of grading, i thought why not?

so here it is. crossover farscape/firefly fic from my fic writing days gone by.


Fly Me to the Moons )