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Tuesday, May 26th, 2009 09:43 pm
it's been a brutal stretch starting with last thursday when i had to take the girl across the border for her mcat. there wasn't a seat left in the state by the time she got registered. which meant that i had to take a day off and leave sub plans and spend six hours grading today to get caught up.

spent five hours friday writing notes for my paper due in two weeks and i had to spend a whole day saturday at a workshop for a class i am not teaching next year.

i also found out when i checked online that i had five essay questions to write answers for for the test i had in class tonight. that was 2000 words.

and sunday night saw my youngest, who'd been sick the day before miscalculate how low he was before dinner and end up giving himself too much humalog which sent him down almost below 40. he was incoherent and barely able to walk by the time we got him to the hospital.

and then today, my gallant leader sent an email he received from a parent to all of us complaining about how teachers need to learn to teach with what they have in their classrooms, not assume parents have deep pockets for computers and technology to help their kids 'buy' grades. what the fuck?

even though this wasn't to me from one of my kids or parents, i have to say that i have never as a teacher told a kid they can't use a computer in my room after school. some come in at lunch to do that. there are all kinds of things you can borrow from our media center or the public library if you really want to. and really, given standards and demands on kids coming out of high school for jobs and college, can you really expect a teacher not to ask a kid to do something outside of class with technology?

and btw, lady, i don't and can't teach with what my district gives me in my classroom. that's why i spend hundreds of dollars on stuff i need but can't get from them to educate your kid.
Wednesday, May 27th, 2009 04:07 am (UTC)
I'm sorry you had to deal with that crap. The parent email especially. Anyone that blames a teacher for kids is delusional. The worst kids I've ever had to endure were being stupid and rude under the supervision, and apathy, of their parents. You don't deserve that crap.